Fashionably Employed: August 2013

R&R Recap: Part 2 (New York City)

Catching Amtrak from Philadelphia to New York City (The Man took The Little Guy back to Chicago by himself - a baby on a plane alone is never a fun endeavor, so thank you to him!!), I met up with a friend from Chicago and we explored a good portion of Manhattan in a whirlwind weekend. We stayed in Midtown and headed north on Saturday afternoon to grab a late lunch at The Meatball Shop (amazing people - seriously amazing!). We had three friends who live or have lived in Manhattan recommend it, so we had to make a pit stop there. It was worth every one of the 37 blocks we walked to get there. 
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Fall Transitional Dress | 2girlsin2cities Side By Side Challenge

Today I am excited to participate in the Side By Side Challenge hosted by 2girlsin2cities! We focused this challenge on fall transitional pieces, and I think everyone has great ideas to share. I selected this cobalt blue dress, increasingly one of my favorite numbers tucked away in my closet. I wore it here on a gorgeous summer day with a dash of pink, then added a bright pink cardigan for the office and the cooler evening. As many fellow Midwest friends know, the mornings and evenings had been so perfectly crisp and cool recently (at least prior to the last weekend) that the weather had almost convinced me it was already fall. But, false alarm... 

I also included below a recap of how I styled this dress for a cold spring day earlier this year. The saturated and beautiful blue color of the dress pops nicely against some bright colors for summer and also tones down with darker pairings for a more autumn-inspired or wintry look.

Be sure to check out everyone's Side By Side Challenge transitional looks (links above) for some seasonal inspiration as fall sneaks up all too soon. I'd love to see your transitional looks as well, so be sure to share in the comments so I can check them out!

Two items of note:

1. Don't forget to join my Fashionably Employed Link Up that goes live each Sunday to share some inspiration about what to wear to work for the week.

2.  I am currently working on a remix post with this dress to show it with myriad pairings and colors. It will be posted early next week so be sure to stop back and check it out!

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R&R Recap: Part 1 (Philadelphia)

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I returned home from vacation today ready to get back to the swing of things. I definitely enjoyed the much needed week and a half of rest and relaxation, and now I'm re-energized to get back to work and my regularly scheduled blogging. 

Throughout the trip, I kept my outfits very casual. I threw on another ode to my white jeans, and picked up the bracelet above from the same street vendor who sold me this bracelet. I love the versatility mixing metals adds to combining whatever-the-heck jewelry I feel like throwing on. I wore this to take The Little Guy for his second hair cut. The poor thing cried the entire time, which I hate watching. But I know he's really fine, and a few snips of his hair won't be causing any long term emotional damage (at least at this age).

We spent several days hanging out with family and friends we hadn't seen in many months, as we don't get back to Philadelphia as often as we'd like. We stayed with my in-laws, so The Little Guy got tons of great uncle and grandparent time the entire week (which he loved). 
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Feeling Summery In A Thrifted Tommy Bahama Dress

Update: Shana featured me in this week's Thrifters Anonymous Link Up. Go check out all the great thrifty stylish outfits we shared!

Two quick notes and then on to the outfit:

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2. I was featured in Plane Pretty's weekly edition of Sunday Style. So great ~ Thanks Jenny!

I took these photos last week and wanted to share them with you quickly. I am currently in New York City with a friend enjoying a girls' weekend and then watching a full day of US Open tennis today. I love this new dress I thrifted not long ago and knew that the belt added the perfect finishing touch to cinch the dress around my waist and give it a bit more shape. 

How cool is this bracelet I picked up on the way to work at a street fair in Chicago two weeks ago? The artist doesn't maintain a bricks and mortar store or have a website, so I don't know if I'll be able to snag any more of her work. Maybe she'll be back at that fair next time it comes around. 

Although I like the dress with the yellow shoes to dress it up a bit and play off the yellow belt, I wore this on a three hour walk with The Little Guy so I slipped on some Toms for a good portion of the stroll. The canvas shoes make the dress a bit more casual. I also look forward to pairing the dress with a blazer to spice it up a bit and wear it to the office. 

I'll back back in Chicago soon and have some great transitional fall and remix posts coming later this week and next, so stop back soon! Happy Monday.

Dress - Tommy Bahama (Thrifted via Savers); Belt - Target; 
Shoes - Franco Sarto via Nordstrom Rack; Purse - Marshall's; Sunglasses - Avoce; Bracelet - Street Vendor in Chicago

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Fashionably Employed Link Up | Blue Tahari Dress

Welcome back for the second installment of the weekly Fashionably Employed Link Up. I see so much great style inspiration but would love to see more wear-to-work style. So hopefully you'll link up your wear-to-work style and share with others what you wear for a day on the job. No matter your profession ~ from corporate to creative to cab driver (a.k.a. soccer mom) ~ let's see what you wear to your "office."

Typically, I share with you an outfit I wore to work during the past week. But this week, I have been on vacation so I have no work outfits to share. (I have been visiting family in Philadelphia and am currently in New York to attend the US Open. I will be sharing a bit about it this week!) With no work for me, I will instead share what I wish I had worn to work. This blue Tahari dress, one of my favorite colors from one of my favorite brands, immediately caught my eye. Maybe it will end up in my closet someday? 

I could not decide if I wanted a brighter, more color-blocked look with the coral blazer and nude flats, or a more neutral look letting the dress command all the attention for itself with the cream blazer and almond heels. What do you think?  Which combination would you wear? 

Now it's your turn to share your office attire. To maximize the shared inspiration, I ask that you follow me on Bloglovin', link up from here directly to your Ready For Work post and not to your main blog page, and include a link back to this post to spread the style ideas to others. Thanks!

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The Little Guy Hacking In | My Size Pancakes

Dress - vFish; Jacket - Marshall's; Shoes - Audrey Brooke via DSW; 
Bracelet - Chicago street fair

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Hey Everyone ~

I hacked into my mom's computer again to return for another installment of guest posting from The Little Guy (here's my July installment). 

I know many of you have seen this outfit before included in a recent Remix Series Mom posted, but she wore the outfit to work last week and I wanted to show you a few more pics. I know she loves wearing something in "real life" that she put together for a remix, so I'm sure she would have been excited to show this to you in more detail. She exerts the effort to generate all those outfits; she certainly should wear them somewhere other than our balcony! Although, the balcony is a pretty nice place. I love spending some time out there checking out the view and counting all the cars that pass us by.

She started the day in her blazer and dress. But by the time she arrived to pick me up from daycare, she'd lost the blazer. She told me that around lunch time, a friend and co-worker headed off to an event that turned out to be more formal than expected. Luckily, the jacket matched Mom's friend's outfit, and her friend borrowed it for the evening to dress up her already very nice button down and snazzy skinny black pants. Isn't my mom sweet?

Speaking of sweet, the Public House stopped by our apartment building the other morning to share with us a bite-sized taste of their new brunch offering. It's a bar by night, but the new brunch spot, just down the street from our apartment, has lots of TVs and pretty good mini pancakes. I love strawberries, but I also can't get enough of dessert for breakfast (that's what Mom calls pancakes, donuts, french toast, and the like - I gotta admit she's probably right). 

Well, I gotta run. I have some rearranging to do of Mom's cabinets in the kitchen. Every time I try to get that cabinet full of plastic bowls and Tupperware in order, it just doesn't seem right, so I have to take it all out and try again. Maybe one of these days all will be organized in that cabinet. 

Have a great weekend!

~ The Little Guy

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Cocktail Party for Step Up Women's Network

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I don't get too many opportunities to wear something fun and fancy, especially mid-week. So I jumped at the chance to attend a cocktail attire charity event for Step Up Women's Network, an organization of which I am a member that serves underprivileged teenage girls while also providing an opportunity to professional women to foster networking and career development relationships. 

I opted for a very simple all black lace look and finished it off with a statement necklace I picked up a few years ago. I actually purchased it off of after seeing the maid of honor wear it at a friend's wedding. I hunted her down at the reception to investigate the necklace procurement and followed her lead to add one of these bad boys to my collection. It's clearly a bit much to wear out and about on a regular day (at least in my comfort zone) so I get excited when I have a chance to wear it. 

Have you been to any fancy events recently? Do you jump at the chance to dress up?

Dress - White House Black Market; Necklace - Amrita Singh via; 
Clutch - Zac Posen (gift); Shoes - Audrey Brooke via DSW

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Playing Tourist at Navy Pier

Just like the gazillion tourists that meander through my neighborhood, I threw on some comfortable walking shoes, a simple t-shirt and shorts, and a crossover bag for a walk along Navy Pier with my family, some of whom were visiting for the weekend. I threw on my DIY necklace just to kick it up the tiniest notch, but it's still super easy and casual. Like my outfit, I'll keep this post simple and sweet. Hope you're enjoying the summer and taking some time to be a tourist in your own city every once in a while. Despite the crowds, it can provide a refreshing perspective on the every day.

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Recipe: Flank Steak with Chimichurri Sauce

For dinner recently, we grilled up a little steak (and set off the smoke alarm in our apartment, because that always happens when we use our cast iron stove-top grill pan). I whipped up this fancy schmancy chimichurri sauce, and we all loved it. Let me know what you think if you give it a try!


  • 1.5 pounds flank steak
  • 1/2 cup chopped fresh parsley
  • 1/3 cup olive oil, plus additional for grilling steak
  • 1 tbsp red wine vinegar
  • 1 clove chopped garlic
  • salt and pepper to taste


Cook flank steak in oil olive on skillet or grill pan on medium-high for 4 -5 minutes on each side (for medium rare) or longer to cook to desired doneness.

Mix remaining ingredients (in a food processor is easiest) to make chimichurri sauce. 

Inspired by Food & Wine Magazine
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A Little Lace | Getting Messy | Link Up

I always hesitate when I pull together an outfit that even begins to whisper holiday greetings - red and green, orange and black, red, white and blue, you get the picture. I sport some festive pairings around the relevant holiday, but I certainly don't want to scream Merry Christmas in mid-August. So I did a double-take when I pulled out this maroon skirt and green top. It's not cherry red and holly green but it made me think of Christmas, so I have reason to believe others might think the same. Eventually (obviously) I decided the muted colors, further neutralized by the khaki blazer, wouldn't leave me looking like a Christmas decoration sprucing up my cubicle. Do you steer clear of festively inspired attire outside of the holiday time?

On an unrelated note, my ode to Target in so many recent posts is an emerging embarrassment. I love Target (who doesn't), but I did not realize until recently that my love for Target might be more like an unhealthy obsessive addiction. I know I'm not alone ~ Audrey recently shared about her eternal, internal battle constantly losing to the racks at Target as well. Audrey, you're not alone! Let me know if you ever feel the need to join a support group. I bet we would have lots of company - haha. 

Blazer - Zara; Tank (lace) - old; Tank (green) - Target; Skirt - Target; Shoes - Target; 
Bracelet - Gift from The Man; Necklace - Gift from In-Laws

In other matters, I made these Peanut Butter Chocolate Squares the other day. The no bake bars have no eggs or other raw ingredient concerns (not that that stops me from eating chocolate chip cookie dough), but it helped me feel more comfortable letting him "clean" the mixer full of peanut butter spread and, later, the spatula covered in melted chocolate. He entered a whole new world when I handed over those blissfully-covered baking utensils. He does not have many real words just yet, but his eyes said "Where has this been all 14 months of my life?!!"

Finally, a new weekly link up: I see so much great style inspiration but would love to see more wear-to-work style. So hopefully you'll link up your wear-to-work style and share with others what you wear for a day on the job. No matter your profession ~ from corporate to creative to cab driver (a.k.a. soccer mom) ~ let's see what you wear to your "office."

To maximize the shared inspiration, I ask that you follow me on Bloglovin', link up from here directly to your post and not to your main blog page, and include a link back to this post to spread the style ideas to others. Thanks!

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A Graphic Blouse: Dressing Up & Down

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I gave my first shot today at remixing this blouse in a more casual manner. I have worn it to the office a time or two but never considered a casual use for it. Interested in stretching the items in my wardrobe across "lifestyle genres," I paired it with these jeans and red heels. I love these heels with jeans, even this gray pair which is really quite casual. Despite the bright color, they seem to be very versatile; I have worn them with olive, red, brown, and certainly I will pair them with standard blue denim soon enough. 

I'm not entirely sure what's going on with this pose below ~ I look a bit more risque than I intended. It's just a silly little blog; I really don't take myself that seriously. But oh well - I wanted to include a closer shot of this shirt. I love the graphic design, so I guess the close up comes with 'what the heck' eyes. Eh - moving on to...

... the outfit with my super casual Toms that kept me sane for my walking trips around the city throughout the day. Living in downtown, I would lose my mind attempting to wear the heels all day for all the walking required in my life.

... and my recycled style that I wore earlier this spring on one of the first warm days of the year, and then I wore again today for my evening work event to make my transition from day to night a snap.

So, here's to one little blouse, three little ways, in my sweet little life.

Shirt - Tahari via Marshall's; Jeans - Target; Red Shoes - Guess via DSW;
Black Shoes - Toms; Skirt - Tahari via Marshall's

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Uh Oh | Spicing Up A Basic Tee & Jeans | DIY Necklace

I am pretty confident 'casual yet pulled together just enough' doesn't get more comfortable than a T-shirt and jeans. A belt and this DIY necklace provide just a bit of a finishing touch to complete the look.

Jeans - Target; Shirt - Target; Belt - Target; Necklace - Self-made; Shoes - Keds via DSW

And to give you a bit of chuckle, T's new favorite word is "Uh Oh" (in a cute little high pitched baby voice). He sort of understands how to use it. We hear his little 'uh oh' when his cup or food ends up on the floor, when something breaks, all the usual scenarios. But in many cases, the food or cup ended up on the floor because he dropped it or tossed it there. Or the object broke because he threw it on the floor or against the wall (he has a pretty nasty arm for such a little pip squeak). This was the scene the other day when I saw him look up at me and say "uh oh" after picking up and dumping his food all over the floor. I just chuckled, rolled my eyes, and encouraged him to continue eating. He'll learn the distinction in due time, and until then, we will keep enjoying his exciting growth and development. It's so crazy how quickly the little ones change!

(For those with little ones, I love this table we picked up from Target. Easy to put together and sturdy enough for a beating from T, the especially love the primary colored chairs and it's been everything I anticipated so far.)

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All About The Shoes: Date Night or Daytime Errands

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I threw together this outfit to head out for a walk with The Little Guy to Target and to run a few other errands. I could not decide which shoes to wear. The black wedges felt fancier and far more fun, while the sandals (see below) seemed much more laid back and appropriate for running some errands around town. So I threw on the sandals, tossed the wedges in the stroller (The Little Guy often accompanies me for photo shoots), and snapped some pics of both.

Ultimately, I appreciated choosing the sandals so not to feel too overdressed and make my walk just the slightest bit more comfortable. The wedges take good care of my feet for the most part, but after a few hours my toes can feel a bit crunched. For future, I think the quick shoe change takes a pretty casual daytime outfit up a notch to make it a great date night outfit when The Man and I actually get a chance to enjoy a quiet dinner together. What do you think?

Shirt - Nordstrom Rack; Shorts - Target; Sandals - Target;
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