Fashionably Employed: Welcome


Hey! I'm Jen. I'm pumped you stopped by to peek in the windows over here in my little corner of the absurdly massive internet. I hope you love what you've found, what you find, and what's to come! I suspect you might be wondering what's going on around here. What's the deal?! 

The Gist

With no natural knack for style and a need to get dressed every day for work (you too, huh?), I created this space to share my style lessons learned (and still learning) and inspire sartorial success at your desk. Interested in some new ideas for a little everyday style for the working woman? I've got you covered.

But wait, there's more!

As my family and this space have grown, my life has continued to evolve as well. (Thanks Captain Obvious...) A new job and two baby boys, among so many other curve balls life throws us, have led me down a path that inspires not only my style but also my kitchen adventures, travel expeditions, career progression and exploration, and of course, life's precious little moments.

I spend my days (and nights) doing my best to find time for my work, my family, and yes... even myself. Most things don't turn out perfectly. Somehow, though, it usually all works out. If life sometimes feels like a silly, happy, frustrating, exhausting, and wonderful juggling act, welcome to the club! You're in the right spot!

I'd love for you to join me on my journey to have it all... well... mostly. 

For those visiting for style inspiration, you'll surely find plenty. I love posting about my style not only for you but as a means of developing and reflecting on my own journey through fashion. Hmm.. that sounds a little selfish, but selfless I suppose to hopefully prevent you from making the same mistakes I'm publicly sharing with the world. (Note to self: Revisit whole "sharing personal style development process on Internet" thing.)

If you're stopping by for snippets of life around our home, welcome to our humble abode! We aren't fancy, flashy or flawless (for sure). We're just a whole lot of real-life moments, stories and (hopefully) a bit of laughter, even if it's at my own expense... (Note to self: Revisit whole "sharing personal anything on Internet" thing.)

All About Me ~ The Breakdown

In my home, I'm a Chief Mom Officer to two boys (T and J) and married to a great guy (M). I have a passion for creative dabbling (as well as yoga and tennis, when time permits). I'd love to be the most stylish, creative, healthy, homemaking, C-suite officer on the block, but... I'm not. (And let's be honest, no one is because that's not even a "thing"). Life is full of choices and trade-offs. I'm making and sharing about them every day, and I suspect you might be as well.

In my closet, I stumble through style, at times losing my way or stepping off track. When visiting here, I hope you enjoy seeing some simple style ideas from a certain someone who's learned everything I know about personal style by studying voraciously, taking lots... and lots... and lots of very little baby steps, and enduring a few (fashionable, of course) bumps and bruises along the way. If you want to see my fashion home runs and style strikeouts, I've got hundreds of outfits in the Gallery. Go take a gander! When you're sick of my style, I showcase loads of lovely ladies in my Sophisticated Style Spotlight who are sure to impress.

I source most, though not all, of my clothes through socially conscious channels (sustainable, secondhand, fair trade, made in the USA, etc...) In addition to making me feel good and doing far less damage to my bank account (who doesn't love those things?), it acts as a gatekeeper preventing too many things from entering my closet. I've committed to a 90/10 Socially Conscious Style Challenge and created a Secondhand Style Guide if this whole socially conscious style thing floats your boat.

In my kitchen, I've sliced it, diced it, stirred it, mixed it and probably burned it. I'm no expert chef, though T's a pretty great sous chef, yet I manage to put fairly healthy and tasty meals on the table most nights. I have a supremely proficient sweet tooth that insists on trying anything chocolate, all in an effort to become the world's greatest chocolate connoisseur, of course. Consequently, cooking often leads to baking. While we generally eat well, we certainly consume our fair share of mostly homemade sweets. (FYI: Baking solves just about any meltdown; pocket that little nugget for future reference.) Need a quick and easy dinner recipe or craving a sweet snack? Check out my Recipe Box.

In my office, I work for a large public accounting firm serving private equity and venture capital investment funds. I perform financial audits, so Excel and I spend a lot of time together. To keep it simple, I’m a professional double checker, and I don’t do taxes. Sounds glamorous, right? Crack the bean counter jokes, but I actually like it. Although my laptop and I ogle deeply into each others eyes for a good part of the day, most of my job really revolves around people and relationships. Lucky for me, I like the people and have developed some great relationships!

Now we just need to figure out how to close the gender wage gap and put more women in executive positions, pursue passion in our everyday work, and find the perfect work-life integration. (Ok Ghandi.. and while you're at it, can you just solve world peace and end global hunger, too?) I know. I get it. Despite being big issues, though a far cry from world peace and hunger, I do like to discuss the world of work occasionally.

I live in Chicago, so if you're headed in this direction, I've provided a great visitor guide that feels more like a trip with the locals than a ride through too many tourist traps. I've also shared a list of 13 Romantic Restaurants in the Heart of Chicago. I recommend visiting in the summer to avoid the frozen tundra vibe we've got goin' on for a few months each winter, but there are at least 10 Things I Actually Like About Chicago Winter.

If you're feeling so inclined (fingers crossed), I'd love for you to stick around and stop back often. Pick your favorite social media channel (heck, choose them all if you feel so inclined) and sign up to stay tuned to the happenings around these parts! 

If you have more questions, find me on social media or drop me a note at: 


I look forward to seeing you around!